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A balanced powder formulation designed to correct electrolyte depletion and acid base disorders in horses under heavy muscular work and hot weather.

Also indicated as an aid in the treatment of dehydration if given with water.

Directions for use:
50g (2 measures) daily mixed with the feed or diluted in drinking water.

Sizes: 3kg & 20kg.


Sodium chloride 277.0g/kg, sodium bicarbonate 267.0g/kg,
Potassium chloride 198.0g/kg,
Sodium Sulphate 45.5g/kg,
Magnesium sulphate 19.8g/kg.

Ranvet Electropaste 60ml


Ranvet Electropaste



Hygain Regain is a concentrated electrolyte replacer suitable for all equine sports, disciplines & climatic conditions. Manufactured from only the most stable ingredients, Regain’s high absorption formula provides a balanced blend of electrolytes in levels similar to those lost in sweat. In this way it is truly a replacement for what your horse loses each time it works and sweats.

Why Hygain Regain?


is specifically formulated to replace essential body salts lost during strenuous exercise, travelling and in hot climatic condtions, as an an aid in the treatment of dehydration, hypocholaemia and alkalosis.
contains high levels of potassium, an essential factor for all performance horses.
has a high absorption formula, providing a balanced blend of electrolytes in the levels similar to those lost in sweat.
ensures value for money by providing maximum electrolyte replacement with minimum dose.

What’s in Hygain Regain?

Sodium and Chloride: Common salt (NaCl) is the major electrolyte of the body. The “saltiness” of blood is monitored as it is filtered through the kidneys, enabling the body to regulate how much water to release into the urine to keep the concentration of salt in the blood at its normal level. The salt levels within the blood can also influence sweating.

Potassium: One of potassium’s major roles is to maintain and ensure correct cellular osmotic pressure which affects the sensitivity of nerves and muscles to reactive impulses. This includes both the skeletal muscles and the heart muscle. Relatively small changes in total potassium can effect athletic performance. Horses suffering from a lack of potassium are prone to fatigue, muscle weakness, exercise intolerance, tying up and decreased water intake.

Magnesium: Magnesium has a critical role to play as a cofactor in over 300 enzyme reactions that involve the burning of glucose in the presence of oxygen, and it is also involved in the metabolism of fats and proteins. Magnesium is also required for muscle function and is essential for DNA to send messages to the cells.

Calcium: In its ionic form, calcium, like potassium and magnesium, is critical to the normal functioning of muscle and nerve tissues, blood clotting, and hormone and enzyme actions within the body. Deficiencies of calcium in its ionic form may lead to muscle weakness and conditions such as tying up and the “thumps”.

Feeding Guide:

Regain should be added to your horses diet as part of your daily management practices. Dosage rates should be adjusted to meet your horses requirements.

It is preferable to feed daily doses of Regain over several feeds during the day. Regain should be fed in conjunction with a salt block or loose salt in the feed.

As a saline drench, mix 60g of Regain in 5 litres of water to treat dehydration, hypochloraemia and alkalosis.

Electrolytes should not be added to your horses water supply. If you do add electrolytes to the water, an additional source of clean water must be provided for your horse.


Maintenance/Light Work: 30g/day
Moderate/Heavy Work: 60g/day
Intense Work/Heavy Sweat loss: 90g/day