Eurohunter Grand National Deluxe Combo



Our top selling rug, that customers come back for time and time again. Tough and breathable fabric, quality fittings, tail bag velcro sewn in and doesnt slip (provided you buy the right size for your horse!) 

Ideal under rug or a durable paddock rug

• Made from exceptionally soft ripstop material.
• Taffeta lined shoulder gussets.
• Soft webbing leg straps.
• Tailbag Sandwich already sewn in.
• Provides great comfort and freedom of movement.

Sizes: 4'0" to 7"
Colour: White with Navy Binding

Performance equine wear. High performance outdoor wear for people is produced with state of the art fabrics and fibres. These same fabrics and fibres are now being used in the manufacture of the Eurohunter Horse Rug Collection. With the use of the high performance fabrics along with natural fibres like cotton and wool, we are able to provide your horse with same level of protection that you are used to in everyday living.