Wild Horse Insect Control Black Mesh Fly Veil

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  • Benfefits: NEW Nylon Fabric Mesh. Does not hold or absorb heat in the sun, remaining cool against your horse’s face. 70% better visibility High Airflow 3 Dart design shaped to prevent eye collapse Nylon Mesh does not collapse against your horse’s eyes under hot conditions because it does not retain heat. Black colour to prevent damage to eye sight Patented design Triple lock Velcro -built for horses Elastic under the chin to allow for movement and comfort Fleece edging at all contact points for comfort Strong and cool Insect Mesh Fabric Ears & Ripstop nose on styles FV3, FV4 & FV5 are treated with Insect Control Technology helps protect against all Permethrin sensitive Insects. 70% UV protection. Noses designed to keep nostrils clear so your horse can use his important sense of smell whilst also preventing sunburn. Recommended by Vets for eye health
  • Triple darts designed to prevent collapse on eyes.
  • The veils utilise a new nylon mesh with 70% better visibility offers perfect clear vision protection around the eye area.
  • Keeps eye area clear as recommended by Vets.
  • Black colour to prevent damage to eye sight.
  • Fleece edging to prevent rubbing.
  • Elastic under chin to allow for movement & comfort.
  • Triple lock Velcro fastening for added security.