Big Head Syndrome in horses

Do you have horses grazing Setaria? Worried about the horrible implications of Big Head?  Local company Ag Solutions are a sound knowledge base and supplier of premium products to maintain horses grazing on tropical pastures. Here is an article written by Ag Solutions. 

The majority of horse owners are well aware of the risk of grazing high oxalate grasses and know that if their horses have access to grasses such as buffel, kikuyu and setaria then they also need to give them a good quality calcium supplement. But how many of you know that if Setaria is grazed then they will need around three times the amount of supplemental calcium as compared to buffel and kikuyu? Unlike many other products MegaMin Bone Defender provides a feeding rate for Setaria on the label to help ensure that the calcium to oxalate ratio is balanced.

Read the following article written by Dr. Nerida Richards and shared from the FeedXL website to find out what you need to know about Setaria and Bighead.…/